General İnformation

Turkish Jewellery Sector has developed continuously since the early 90s, and has become one of the world’s three most important exporting countries in the mid-2000s. School of Jewellery Technologies and Design was established in 2009 to educate the industry in need of trained staff.

Founded as a base on 5-years education, there are two departments as Stone Design and Jewellery Design in this school. First year education composed of preparatory school. Jewellery manufacturing techniques, Chemistry and Metallurgy of precious metals are included to the courses in our school, related to the subject of Management, Marketing, International Trade and Law. Furthermore, to educate stone experts according to the jewellery industry needs.

Students are accepted to Marmara University Jewellery Design Department with YGS-5. Our students take Basic Art education firstly to improve themselves. They are educated on shapes and designs, valuable metals and gemstones for Turkish Jewellery Sector and they are getting important role in the sector when they have been graduated from the school. Design education is given together with jewellery manufacturing, that our students use technology effectively for mass production which is very important qualification for Turkish Jewellery Sector.  In addition to this, our students are educated with the courses of marketing, import, export, metallurgy and management. This will cause to design merchantable and producible jewelleries.

Turkish Jewellery Sector needs too much qualified personnel. Our high quality educated students are going to fulfill their needs and help developing of Turkish Jewellery Sector.


Business Fields in Jewellery Sector

They can work for the factories, design studios as a designer, a producer, a marketing or managing staff in the sector; or, they can establish their own jobs.


 What a graduated student can do?

• Designs according today’s fancies

• Helps this sector to be a brand country

• Knows and uses jewellery technology

• Knows how to manufacture jewellery

• Knows world jewellery markets

• Draws 3d jewellery designs on computer.

• Searches the improvements of jewellery technology

• Manufactures valuable metals, and knows the chemistry of these valuable metals

• Cuts valuable and semi-valuable stones

• Knows the special qualification of valuable and semi valuable stones

• Makes quality controls of jewelleries before being used, makes finishing touches.

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